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Features 我们的特色

Our Programme 我们的课程

Our “Wonder Programme” are designed based on theory and research in child psychology and childhood development, as well as recommendations and guidelines of Malaysia Education Ministry i.e. KSSR. The content of our curriculum covers the subjects as mentioned at below:-

我们的课程是基于儿童成长心理学的理论和教育部课程 (KSSR) 的建议,并配合教育发展方向,就学生 的全面需要而设。 课程包括以下科目:-

• Wonder English Programme 奇妙英语
• Wonder Mathematic Programme 奇妙数学
• Wonder Mandarin Programme 奇妙华语
• Bahasa Malaysia 国语
• Science 科学
• Practical Life 日常生活技能
• Sensorial 感官教育
• Computer 电脑课程
• Creative Art 图工
• Moral / Character Building 道德 / 品格塑造
• Physical Education 体育
• Music and movement 音乐

Our Teaching Methods and Apparatus 我们的教学法和教材

Our centers incorporate well known teaching methods and learning tools as below:-


• Europe Mind Development Pedagogy / 欧美式启发教学
• Effective Appreciation Education System / 高效式赏识教学
• Montessori Teaching Apparatus / 启智性蒙式教学
• Individual Attention Approach / 独一关怀教学法
• Thematic Learning Approach / 主题教学法
• Experimental Activity Approach / 实际体验教学法
• Physical Integration Approach / 活动教学法
• Computer Aided Teaching / 电脑补助教学法
• Small Group Approach / 小组教学法

Our Wonderful Activities 我们的精彩活动

Our centres incorporate a number of activities in order to make the learning fun, interesting and amusing.


• Birthday Party / 庆生会
• Outing Events / 户外郊游及学习团
• Fun Water Play / 戏水活动
• Sport Day & Family Day / 运动会及家庭日
• Concert cum Graduation Ceremony / 毕业暨文艺会
• Safety Awareness Day / 幼儿安全醒觉运动
• Brush Teeth Campaign / 牙齿保健运动
• Good Manner Week / 幼儿礼貌运动
• Story Telling, Rhymes Reading / 讲故事,朗诵诗歌,短诗

Multiple Security Measures 多重保安系统

It is our priority to ensure children’s safety in our centers. The safety approaches implemented in our centres are as below:-


• All tables and chairs are specially designed to ensure safe and conductive study environment for children
• Main gates are locked during school hour
• Electronic door lock system
• Alarm System
• 24 hours operating CCTVs for surveillance
• Authorised person only for children pick up

Wholesome Facility Setup 完善齐全的设施和设备

Besides, our centres are equipped with the following facilities:-

此外, 本园拥有以下齐全的设备:-

• All classrooms luminance is certified by Professional in order to enhance children’s focus while studying and to protect their good eyes vision
   所有课室光线由专业工程师认证 (以提高孩子们的学习专注力,并保护孩子们的视力)。
• Air-conditioner classroom
• High Technology Multimedia Equipment
• Pleasant Library
• Clean Meal Area
• Hygienic Kitchen Ares
• Clinical Microscopic Air Purifier
• Virus filter
• Water Purifier
• Bathrooms with Water Heater
• Ventilated & Air-conditioner Resting Room

Our Services 我们的服务

We are always emphasizing on the hygiene of whole centre. Cleaning and germs treatment are done at least once a day.


We believe that children’s education can be highly effective through the guidance of competent and committed teachers with the cooperation of parents. Hence, we practice:-


• Consistent and constant teachers’ training
• Periodically reports on the child’s progress